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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

Search and Tag Items

This example will run a search of a Relativity workspace and set the 'Tags' field of each of the results. Be sure that the field you are setting (e.g. 'Tags') exists in your workspace before running this.


Instructions on how to install and setup Sequence and the Sequence Connector for Relativity®.


Download the SCL here: relativity-search-and-tag.scl

To run:

PS > ./sequence.exe run relativity-search-and-tag.scl
# Set the name of your workspace. You could also use Workspace Artifact Id
- <WorkspaceName> = 'Test Workspace'
- <Search> = "'Title' LIKE 'Clouds'" # Define your search here
- <Tag> = 'Important'

- <FilesToTag> = RelativitySendQuery
Workspace: <WorkspaceName>
Condition: <Search>
Start: 0
Length: 100 # The max number of objects to tag

- ForEach <FilesToTag> Action: (
Workspace: <WorkspaceName>
ObjectArtifactId: <>["ArtifactId"]
FieldValues: ('Tags': <Tag>)

- Log $"Tagged {ArrayLength <FilesToTag>} Files."