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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧




Query for Workspaces, Documents, RDOs and System Types

ParameterTypeRequiredPositionDefault ValueExampleSummary
Workspaceint or string1The Workspace to query. You can provide either the Artifact Id or the name
Conditionstring2('Email From' IN ['',''])The query condition See Relativity's developer documentation for more details
Fieldsarray<int> or array<string>3Just ArtifactIdThe fields to return. The ArtifactId field is always returned. You can provide either the ArtifactId or the name
ArtifactTypeArtifactType or intDocument (10)The Artifact type to query
Lengthint100Max number of results to return in this query call.
SortArtifactIdintDo not sortArtifactId of the field to sort by
SortDirectionSortEnumAscendingDirection to sort by
Startint01-based index of first document in query results to retrieve