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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧




Creates a keyword search. Returns the artifact id of the created search.

ParameterTypeRequiredPositionDefault ValueSummary
Workspaceint or string1The Workspace to search. You can provide either the Artifact Id or the name
SearchNamestring2The name of the new search
SearchTextstring3Search terms
SortByRankbool4Indicates that the search results must be sorted by rank.
Fieldsarray<int> or array<string>5The fields of the search You can provide either the ArtifactId or the name
Keywordsstring7An optional field where extra group information may be recorded.
ScopeSearchScope8EntireCaseThe scope of the search
SearchFolderArtifactIdsarray<int>9Do not specify any folders - for searching the entire caseArtifact ids of the folders to search