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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧


Alias:Validate, SchemaValidate


Validate that the schema is valid for all entities. Does not evaluate the entity stream. For more information on schemas please see the documentation.

ParameterTypeRequiredPositionDefault ValueSummary
EntityStreamarray<entity>1Entities to validate with the schema
Schemaentity2The Json Schema to validate.
ErrorBehaviorErrorBehavior3FailHow to behave if an error occurs.
OnInvalidentityEither this or 'Replace' must be set.A function that does something with every entity that fails validation. The actions defined in ErrorBehaviour will also happen. This function takes an entity with three properties: 'RowNumber', 'ErrorMessage', 'Location', and 'Entity' where 'Entity' contains the entity that failed to validate