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Version: v0.17.0

REST Connector Examples

These are examples of how to use the Sequence REST connector.

The connector works by generating steps from an OpenAPI specification.

The examples here use the Reveal V2 API.


  1. Download and set up Sequence. See the quick start for more info.
  2. Add the REST Connector. See connectors for more info on managing connectors.
PS > .\sequence.exe connector add Sequence.Connectors.Rest
  1. Add the required configuration to ./lib/connectors.json. See Sequence Connector for REST


Create Reveal Folder

Login to Reveal and create a work folder.

Get Document Metadata from Reveal

Login to Reveal and retrieve the first 10 documents from a case.

Get All Reveal Fields

Login to Reveal and retrieve all field profiles and fields.

Get All Reveal Folders

Login to Reveal, retrieve first the root folder for a case, and then all subfolders.

Get Reveal Case Statistics

Login to Reveal and get statistics for a case.

Get Reveal Cases

Login to Reveal and get a list of cases.