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Version: v0.16.0




Creates a new Relativity Workspace

string1The user-friendly name of the workspace
DefaultCacheLocationIdintThe Default Cache Location Artifact Id The Default Cache Location represents a securable cache location server object associated with the workspace.
DefaultFileRepositoryIdintThe Default File Repository Artifact Id. The Default File Repository represents a securable file repository server object associated with the workspace.
Matterint or stringThe matter. A matter is the case or legal action associated with the workspace.
ResourcePoolIdint or stringThe Resource Pool Artifact Id A resource pool represents a securable resource pool object associated with the workspace.
SqlServerIdintThe Sql Server Artifact Id SQL Server represents a securable SQL server object associated with the workspace.
StatusIdintThe status Artifact Id. A status is an object representing the status of the workspace used in views to filter on workspaces.
TemplateIdint or stringThe Template Artifact Id. The Template is an object representing an existing workspace structure used to create the workspace.