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Version: v0.16.0

FileSystem Steps

DeleteItemDeletes a file or folder from the file system.
DirectoryCopyCopy a directory
DirectoryCreateCreates a new directory in the file system. Will create all directories and subdirectories in the specified path unless they already exist.
DirectoryExistsReturns whether a directory on the file system exists.
DirectoryGetItemsGets all items in a directory
DirectoryMoveMove a directory
FileCopyCopy a file
FileExistsReturns whether a file on the file system exists.
FileExtractExtract a file in the file system.
FileMoveMove a file
FileReadReads text from a file.
FileWriteWrites a file to the local file system.
PathCombineCombine Paths. If the resulting path is not fully qualified it will be prefixed with the current working directory.