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Version: v0.18.0




Requires Nuix.Version 7.0

Requires Nuix.Features: ANALYSIS

Searches a NUIX case with a particular search string and tags all files it finds.

ParameterTypeRequiredPositionDefault ValueExampleSummary
string1*.txtThe Nuix search query. For more details on the supported syntax, please see the Nuix Workstation Search Guide.
Tagstring2The tag to assign to found results.
stringUse the current open caseC:/Cases/MyCaseThe case path to use. If this is set, that case will be opened. If it is not set, the existing case will be used. If it is not set and no existing case is open this will result in an error.
SearchOptionsentityNo search options providedPass additional search options to nuix. For an unsorted search (default) the only available option is defaultFields. When using SortSearch=true the options are defaultFields, order, and limit. Please see the nuix API for and Case.searchUnsorted for more details.
SearchTypeSearchTypeItemsOnlyDefines the type of search that is done. By default only the items responsive to the search terms are tagged, but the result set can be augmented using this parameter.
SortSearchboolfalseBy default the search is not sorted by relevance which increases performance. Set this to true to sort the search by relevance and enabling additional SearchOptions.