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Version: v0.18.0




Requires Nuix.Version 7.2


Exports a production set in Concorfance format

ParameterTypeRequiredPositionDefault ValueExampleRequirementsSummary
string1The directory where the export will be created
string2The name of the production set to export.
ExportOptionsentity3The ProductionSet profile is used(native: (path: 'NATIVE' naming: 'document_id'), text: (path: 'TEXT' naming: 'document_id'))An array of file types and associated options to produce. If this is not set, the ProductionSet must have a production profile. See Nuix API BatchExporter.addProduct() for more details on the available options.
NumberingOptionsentity4Document ID numbering, starting with DOC-000000001(createProductionSet: false prefix: 'ABC' documentId: (startAt: 1 minWidth: 4))Set the numbering options for the export. This setting has no effect if the production set has numbering options defined. See Nuix API NumberingConfigurable.setNumberingOptions() for more details on the available options.
LoadFileOptionsentity5Default options are used(metadataProfile: 'Profile' loadFileEntryLimit: 5000)The options to use for creating the load file. This parameter has no effect if the production set has a production profile. See Nuix API BatchExporter.addLoadFile() for more details on the available options.
stringUse the current open caseC:/Cases/MyCaseThe case path to use. If this is set, that case will be opened. If it is not set, the existing case will be used. If it is not set and no existing case is open this will result in an error.
DeduplicationExportDeduplicationNoneMethod of deduplication when top-level item export is used.
ExportDescendantContainersboolfalseExport descendant containers. Only works when TraversalStrategy includes descendants.
FailedItemsTagstringFailed items are not taggedTag items that fail to export with this tag.
LoadFileTypeLoadFileTypeConcordanceThe type of load file to export. This parameter has no effect if the production set has a production profile.
ParallelProcessingSettingsentityDefault processing settings used(workerCount: 2 workerMemory: 4096)Sets the parallel processing settings to use.
SkipSlipsheetedNativesboolfalseVersion 7.6Skip export of slipsheeted items.
SortOrderExportSortOrderNoneMethod of sorting items during the export.
TraversalStrategyExportTraversalStrategyItemsThe method of selecting which items to export.