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Version: v0.17.0

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Unzip the archive and open a shell (cmd, pwsh, powershell) of your choice in that directory
  3. Run .\sequence.exe run scl "Print 'Hello world'"

Running SCL

To run a sequence from a file:

PS > .\sequence.exe run .\sequence.scl

From the command line:

PS > .\sequence.exe run scl "- <version> = GetApplicationVersion `n- Print <version>"


To display the available commands and parameters when running Sequence, use the --help or -h argument:

PS > .\sequence.exe --help

To see a list of all the Steps available, use the steps command:

PS > .\sequence.exe steps

# To filter by name or connector, add a filter as the first argument
PS > .\sequence.exe steps file


Sequence uses a connector system to extend functionality to various applications.

By default, Sequence comes with the FileSystem and StructuredData connectors. All the available connectors can be seen in the Connector Registry.

To manage connectors, use the connector command:

PS > .\sequence.exe connector

# To list the connectors currently installed, use list
PS > .\sequence.exe connector list

# To list all the connectors available in the registry, use find
PS > .\sequence.exe connector find

# To install a connector, use add
PS > .\sequence.exe connector add Sequence.Connectors.Sql

# To update an installed connector
PS > .\sequence.exe connector update Sequence.Connectors.Sql

# To remove an installed connector
PS > .\sequence.exe connector remove Sequence.Connectors.Sql

Some Examples to Try

Convert JSON To CSV

FileRead 'C:/data.json'
| FromJsonArray
| FileWrite 'C:/data.csv'

Remove duplicates from CSV

FileRead 'C:/data.csv'
| FromCSV
| ArrayDistinct
| FileWrite 'C:/data-distinct.csv'

Remove rows with duplicate Ids from CSV

FileRead 'C:/data.csv'
| FromCSV
| ArrayDistinct (From <> 'Id')
| FileWrite 'C:/data-distinct.csv'

VS Code

A Visual Studio Code extension for SCL is now available for download from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

To install in VS Code:

  1. Open the Extensions sidebar (Ctrl + Shift + X)
  2. Search for SCL
  3. Click on SCL and select Install

The extension currently supports:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Hover help
  • Code completion for step names and parameters
  • Error Diagnostics
  • Formatting

Run SCL from VS Code

To run SCL in VS Code:

  1. Open a .scl file
  2. Use the SCL: Run Sequence command