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Version: v0.16.0

What is Sequence

Sequence is an automation toolkit for forensics and e-discovery.

It consists of:

Sequence Configuration Language

At the heart of Sequence is the Sequence Configuration Language (SCL), a natural-language-like way to configure complex workflows. The starting point for SCL was the simplicity of YAML, but we wanted to supercharge it with scripting-language-like functionality so that any workflow could be automated.

The SCL documentation has a description of all the available language features.

Download and Try

  • Download here
  • A quick start is available here

Source Code

Steps and Sequences

  • A Step is a unit of work in an application such as creating a case, ingesting data, searching or exporting data
  • A Sequence is a series of Steps that are executed in order. Workflows are defined using SCL and Sequence enables data and configuration to be passed between Steps, including between different applications.

More about steps and sequences.