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Version: v0.16.0

Transform Concordance File to USSEC Schema

This example converts a concordance load file to match a schema. Workflow:

  • Load the USSEC schema from a file
  • Read the ExampleLoadFile.dat file and convert it into an entity stream
  • Convert File Size field from a string to an integer
  • Map properties to match the USSEC schema
  • Add missing "SUBJECT" field
  • Transform entities to match the target schema
  • Print the transformed entities



This example requires the FileSystem and StructuredData connectors.


Download this SCL file: transform-concordance-to-ussec.scl

- <mappings> = (
'FROM': "From"
'TO': "To"
'CC': "Cc"
'BCC': "Bcc"
'FILE_NAME': "Name"
'MIME_TYPE': "File Type"
'FILE_EXTEN': "File Extension (Original)"
'AUTHOR': "Author"
'LAST_AUTHOR': "Last Author"
'DATE_CREATED': "File Created"
'DATE_MOD': "File Modified"
'TIME_MOD/TIME_ZONE': "File Modified"
'DATE_ACCESSD': "File Accessed"
'PRINTED_DATE': "Last Printed"
'FILE_SIZE': "File Size"
'PATH': "Path Name"
'MD5HASH': "MD5 Digest"

- <schema> = FileRead 'ussec-schema.json' | FromJson

- FileRead 'ExampleLoadFile.dat'
| FromConcordance # Convert the dat file to an entity stream
#Change the file size from e.g. 4kb to 4000
| ArrayMap (EntitySetValue <> "File Size"
if ( StringIsEmpty <>["File Size"]) 0 #If File Size is empty, use 0
if (StringContains <>["File Size"] "null" true) 0 #If File Size is null, use 0
if (StringContains <>["File Size"] "kb" true) (stringToDouble (stringreplace <>["File Size"] '\s*kb\s*' "" ignorecase: true)) * 1000
| EntityMapProperties <mappings> # Rename all the properties
| ArrayMap (<> + ("SUBJECT" : "")) # Add the subject field
| Transform <schema> CaseSensitive: false # Transform the entity properties to match the USSEC schema
| ForEach (Print EntityFormat <>) # Print all entities