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Version: v0.16.0

Read Data from a SQL Table

Instructions on how to install and setup Sequence and the SQL Connector.

This workflow:

  1. Reads a row from a SQL table
  2. Sets variables called SourcePath and DestinationPath according to the values in that row
  3. Prints the SCL to copy a file from SourcePath to DestinationPath

See Create SQL Table and Insert Data example to set up a table that can be used in this example.


- <Connection> = CreateMySQLConnectionString
Server: 'localhost'
Database: 'database'
UserName: 'root'
Password: 'verysecret'
- <TableName> = 'Config'
- <Rows> = SQLQuery
Connection: <Connection>
Query: $"Select SourcePath, DestinationPath from {<TableName>} where Id = 2"

- <Row> = <Rows>[0]
- <SourcePath> = <Row>['SourcePath']
- <DestinationPath> = <Row>['DestinationPath']
- Print $"- FileCopy {<SourcePath>} {<DestinationPath>}"