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Version: v0.16.0

Get All Reveal Fields

This example will

  • Login to Reveal
  • Log all fields profiles
  • Log all fields


Instructions on how to install and setup Sequence and the Sequence Connector for Rest.


Download the SCL here: reveal-get-all-fields.scl

To run:

PS > ./sequence.exe run reveal-get-all-fields.scl
- <username> = 'username'
- <password> = 'password'

- <caseId> = '159'

- <session> = Reveal_Login_Get username: <username> password: <password>
- <userId> = <session>["UserId"]
- log $"UserId: {<userId>}"
- <LoginSessionId> = <session>["LoginSessionId"]

- log (Reveal_FieldProfile_Get caseId: <caseID> InControlAuthToken: <LoginSessionId>)
- log EntityFormat (Reveal_Field_GetAllFields caseId: <caseID> InControlAuthToken: <LoginSessionId>)