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Version: v0.16.0

Application Settings

Sequence requires an appsettings.json that contains the following sections:

  • NLog should contain logging configuration

A default appsettings.json file is provided with the application.

Examples can be found here.


Core uses structured logging across its Steps and Connectors, and Sequence uses NLog for writing log output to various targets. NLog is fully configurable using the appsettings.json file.

By default, only output to console and a text file is enabled, but there are other log targets available including JSON file and Elastic Search.

Please see the logging documentation for details and configuration examples.

Connector Configuration

Connectors can be configured using the connectors.json file. However, most configuration should be done by using sequence connector command. See the quick start for more info.

An example connector configuration:

"ConfigurationName": {
"id": "Connector.Id",
"enable": true,
"version": "0.13.0",
"settings": {
"additionalConfiguration": "This section is optional"

Supported Configuration Keys

Configuration NameThe name of the connector configuration. Must be unique.
enableWhether the configuration is enabled.
idThe ID of the connector in the connector registry. Multiple configurations with the same id can exist, but only one of them can be enabled at a time.
versionThe version of the connector to install.
settingsAn optional settings block. These are connector specific. See nuix connector for an example.

See the individual connectors documentation for more details on what settings are supported for each connector.