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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

Working with CSV Files

Instructions on how to install and setup Sequence.

More details on:

Write Entity Array to CSV

- <FileName> = 'selected-artworks.csv'
- [
(Artist: "Blake, Robert" ArtistId: "38" Name: "Six Drawings of Figures with Outstretched Arms" Date: "date not known"),
(Artist: "Calvert, Edward" ArtistId: "81" Name: "Ideal Pastoral Life" Date: "1829"),
(Artist: "Sterne, Hedda" ArtistId: "16798" Name: "NY, NY No. X" Date: 1948)
| FileWrite <FileName>

Filter, Transform and Export CSV to JSON

This example does the following things:

  • Reads a CSV file containing data about artists

The artwork_data.csv file can be downloaded using the PowerShell - Download CSV example or from here.

  • Filter out all artworks that are not by Robert Blake
  • Uppercase the value of the 'artist' property
  • Rename 'artist' to 'Artist Name' and 'artistId' to 'ArtistId'
  • Sort by the 'year' property
  • Distinct by the 'id' property
  • Convert to JSON
  • Write to a new file
- FileRead 'artwork_data.csv'
| FromCSV
| ArrayFilter ((from <> 'artist') == 'Blake, Robert')
| EntityMap (in <> set: 'artist' to: (StringToCase (from <> 'artist') TextCase.Upper))
| EntityMapProperties (artist: 'Artist Name' artistId: 'ArtistId')
| ArraySort (from <> 'year')
| ArrayDistinct (from <> 'id')
| ToJsonArray
| FileWrite 'artwork_data_filtered.json'