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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

The Sleuth Kit® Connector

The Sleuth Kit Connector allows users to automate forensic workflows using The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy.

This connector has Steps to:

  • Create New Cases
  • Add Data Sources To a Case
  • Generate Case Reports
  • Create a List of Case Data Sources

TSK SCL examples available here.

Source code available on GitLab.

The Steps all use the Autopsy command line.

TSK Connector Settings

The TSK Connector requires additional configuration which can be provided using the settings key in connectors.json.

Supported Settings

AutopsyPathstringThe Path the to the Autopsy Executable

Example Settings

"Sequence.Connectors.TSK": {
"id": "Sequence.Connectors.TSK",
"enable": true,
"version": "0.13.0",
"settings": {
"AutopsyPath": "C:\\Program Files\\Autopsy-4.19.1\\bin\\autopsy64.exe"