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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

REST Connector

The Sequence REST Connector allows users to connect to REST services.

This connector works by generating steps from an OpenAPI specification defined in the configuration.

SCL examples available here.

Source code available on GitLab.

Connector Settings

"Sequence.Connectors.Rest": {
"Id": "Sequence.Connectors.Rest",
"Version": "0.18.0",
"Settings": {
"Specifications": [{
"Name": "Examples",
"BaseURL": "http://baseURL",
"SpecificationURL": "",
"StepAliases": {
"Example_users_Get": "ExampleGetUsers"

Each Specification has the following properties

NamestringThe name of the Specification
BaseURLstringThe base url to send queries to
SpecificationstringText of the OpenAPI specification to use
SpecificationURLstringUrl of the Specification to use
SpecificationFilePathstringFile path of the Specification to use
StepAliasesEntityAn entity mapping step names to their aliases

Exactly one of Specification, SpecificationURL, and SpecificationFilePath must be set.

Each operation in the specification will map onto its own step. The name of the step will be the Specification name concatenated with the OperationId separated by an underscore unless a StepAlias is used. Each operation parameter will map to a Step parameter. Each security definition will map to a Step parameter.