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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

Connector for Relativity®

The Sequence Connector for Relativity® allows users to automate e-discovery workflows using Relativity®.

This connector has Steps to:

  • Create new matters and workspaces
  • Ingest data from CSV/Concordance or as entities
  • Search and tag items
  • Export Data as entities

Sequence Connector for Relativity® SCL examples available here.

Source code available on GitLab.

Sequence Connector for Relativity® Settings

This connector requires additional configuration which can be provided using the settings key in connectors.json.

Supported Settings

RelativityUsernamestringThe Username to use for authentication
RelativityPasswordstringThe Password to use for authentication
UrlstringThe URL of the Relativity Server
DesktopClientPathstringThe Path to the Relativity Desktop client. Required for the RelativityImport step.
ImportClientPathstringOverrides the path to the Import Client that comes bundled with this connector.
APIVersionNumberintThe version of the API to use. Defaults to 1. You probably don't need to change this.

Example Settings

"Sequence.Connectors.Relativity": {
"id": "Sequence.Connectors.Relativity",
"enable": true,
"version": "0.11.0",
"settings": {
"RelativityUsername": "YourUsername",
"RelativityPassword": "YourPassword",
"Url": "http://relativitydevvm/",
"DesktopClientPath": "C:\\Program Files\\kCura Corporation\\Relativity Desktop Client\\Relativity.Desktop.Client.exe",