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Version: v0.19.0-alpha 🚧

Microsoft365 Connector

The Sequence Connector for Microsoft 365 allows users to automate ediscovery and forensic workflows that use Microsoft Graph.

This connector has Steps to:

  • Read Email
  • Read Chats
  • List Users
  • List Teams
  • List Channels of a Team
  • Read messages in a channel

Sequence Connector for Microsoft365 examples available here.

Source code available on GitLab.

Microsoft365 Connector Settings

This connector requires additional configuration which can be provided using the settings key in connectors.json.


Using this connector requires authenticating with Microsoft 365.
There are two ways to do this:

  • Use steps as normal. The first time you use a step which requires authentication, a message will be logged containing a url and a code. Follow the url, enter the code and login to authenticate.
  • Create a token by logging in previously and supply this token as a parameter to M365Login

Supported Settings

TenantIdstringDirectory Id of the application
ClientIdstringApplication Id
GraphUserScopesstring[]Permission scopes to use. Each step has its own required scopes

If you do not have the Tenant and Client Ids you may have to create an application, follow this instructions on this page

Example Settings

"Sequence.Connectors.Microsoft365": {
"id": "Sequence.Connectors.Microsoft365",
"enable": true,
"version": "0.17.0",
"settings": {
"TenantId": "abc123",
"ClientId": "def456",
"GraphUserScopes": [